Sep 4, 2010

Those Were the Days

Here's the transcript of Silicon Valley Radio's interview from the heyday of the internet when a webradio station's netcast was a unique experience accessible for more or less a handful of geeks only, and Laurie Anderson was literally one of "the Internet's most important personalities and newsmakers". The interview touches on subjects like Laurie's hobbies from childhood and recent days alike (kinda moving backwards on the evolution scale, ha), the children's book she wrote while in college, what kind of impact she and her boyfriend Lou Reed were having on each other's art; how boredom, a Japanese puppeteer in Munich and Laurie's trademark hairdo relate, and so on.

Fun facts proving how we all change through the years: at the time of the interview (cca. 1997) Laurie Anderson was still fond of the internet*, and averse to Broadway musicals.

I even managed to dig out the (quite poor quality) audio of the interview from Teh Internet Archive - do I need to explain further the awesomeness of the Wayback Machine?

* An addition that might throw a new light upon Laurie's initial enthusiasm: at that time, the majority of the Internet was being composed of cultural centers' and universities' websites - as this list shows it, too... (Yes, once there existed a concert-goer (a fan maybe) who took the effort to type in all the URL-s that were featured on the Nerve Bible show's official tour T-shirt. Wow. Alan Lasky, if you might lurk somewhere nearby: you rule.)