About Mnemosyne

The name 'Mnemosyne' fits better to Laurie Anderson than the author of this blog. In ancient Greek mythology, she is the goddess (titaness) of memory, storytelling and creativity, mother of the nine Muses, e. g. epic poetry, history, music, dance, comedy and astronomy. How appropriate.

Though sometimes inevitable, this blog principally avoids repeating basic knowledge on Laurie Anderson. All in all, it's an utterly personal collection of various Laurie Anderson-related fragments of information from the world wide web. It's sometimes disjointed, sometimes illogical and disproportionate. If you are looking for exact factual information on her, try

The logo of the project is a descendant of the classic RCA logo. But, of course, this rat terrier goes multimedia, just like the one in Pathé Marconi's advertisement.