Dec 28, 2010

Double Treat

"The time in 'Flow' is very odd - instead of bars, you'll wait seven beats until the next phrase and it's kind of, "Woah, what time signature is that in." It's in the time signature of regret or something, sort of flowing."
(Laurie Anderson on her Grammy-nominated violin piece 'Flow')

1. Listen to Mike Ragogna's interview with Laurie Anderson, recorded from KRUU-FM (broadcasting from Fairfield, Iowa):

  • part one (audio length: 13 mins 57 secs, file size: 19.2 MB)

  • part two (audio length: 14 mins 21 secs, file size: 19.7 MB)

[note: songs edited out]

2. Read the transcript in the Huffington Post.

Dec 27, 2010

Apocalyptic Angel in the Palace of Arts

"We do try to help each other. Lou has helped me a lot. Particularly in this show, Homeland - he has come to a lot of rehearsals and made some really great suggestions to the musicians. He's really-really good at that. I really am listening. I'm really listening. Because he knows me... totally."
(Laurie Anderson on her then-husband-to-be, 2007)

Hungarian national tv (MTV - not that one, of course) has made an interview with Laurie Anderson in June 2007, during her stay in Budapest. She was talking about the 'Homeland' concerts, the importance of improvising, mental states and Lou Reed. (The epitheton ornans in the title is taken from a really great Hungarian essay by J. A. Tillmann.)

(Erm.... Mnemosyne is kinda in a spot since the article has been written in such elaborate Hungarian that Google Translator simply gives it up half of the time...)

Dec 25, 2010

Musical Canine Classification

"This summer, a few months ago, I was directing a big music festival in Sydney and I said "okay, we're gonna invite a lot of people, all my favourite musicians from all around the world - Mongolian throat singers, rock bands, symphonies, blues guys" - a crazy mixture. And I said "I wanna do some music for dogs", and they said "okay, fine, fine". We thought maybe couple hundred dogs would show up... thousands of dogs showed up! All on the steps of the Sydney Opera House. [...]
I had the best time of my life. Also the dogs - they had been told for a week "you're going to a show", they were all very excited because they'd been having this preparation from their owners going "it's gonna be music for you and you're gonna love it", so when they got there, their tails were like...


... You know, a lot of people say their dogs like classical music - for the same reason they say their children do because they [fall] asleep and it's very convenient when they're just...


... but there were a lot of rocker dogs that went like...


... Well, a lot of [the music] was frequencies upward, dogs love the high stuff but dog trainers said "don't play the super high stuff because you don't know what's gonna happen with that many dog"... My favourites were the dogs who were in the front row, the droolers, they were just looking up at the stage like...


... they were so sweet! And a lot of people brought their very old dogs... in carriages, dogs with one leg... it was a magic thing for me because I love animals and I love music. What it was it's just a new kind of music and a new kind of event."

[Stills of and quotes from Laurie Anderson, as seen / heard at Garantat 100%]

Laurie at AndrewAndrew Again

If you've ever wondered if Laurie Anderson is a fan of any mainstream hip hop / pop song, the answer is here for ya; hidden in the following hilarious post-Hanukkah / pre-Christmas chat between Laurie and AndrewAndrew on East Village Radio.

You can listen to the whole conversation in one on EVRadio's website, or in three parts, cut / edited by Mnemosyne:


Part one's topics: colored "photographs" from outer space, folding chairs and architecture (São Paulo, Matthew Barney, male architects and phallic symbols, Frank Gehry, Manhattan's 1930s quaintness, etc). A super fun part of the chat was the following:

AA: What'd they say about Lincoln Center? They said it was like a gas station, a fancy gas station.
LA: They said it was something that Mussolini ordered over the phone.
AA: [laughter] Oh, that's fantastic. Mussolini ordered over the phone.
LA: Yeah. Gimme, er, something kind-of boxy and white and, I don't know, glitzy, little bit of sparkles...
AA: It's sort of fascist, when you look at the columns, and the symmetric...
LA: I know, yes, it is.
AA: It's like an Apple store almost.
LA: You are right that Lincoln Center materials are very Mac-like. They're really smooth and slippery, and kind-of little bit of rounded...
AA: It's seductive... and also stand-offish.
LA: Yeah. Exactly.
AA: There's something in that Mac stores are beautiful, they're simple, and you wanna be a part of this culture but you know you're not a part of that culture.
LA: Right. You're wearing the wrong clothes for that.
AA: Yes. It's aspirational. It's kinda like a night club. Like, "no-no, let me in, I'm cool".


Topics of part two: Laurie's first time of getting a non-geek Grammy nomination (i. e. not for producing / engineering an album / song), the chair and the projections in 'Delusion', Himalayan art at Rubin Museumtalking about nothing with Charles Seife, multiple universes and the Quantum Suicide Test, Candide, the most photographed barn in the world (see Don Delillo's 'White Noise'), top popes / co-popes / Poperdose / The Sane Pope / "maybe we're all exactly the same pope"... and 'Flow', Laurie's Grammy-nominated violin piece:

AA: We're gonna play 'Flow', it's off of 'Homeland'.
LA: It's on 'Homeland'. Didn't come off of it. It's still on it.
AA: And this is the particular track... although the whole album is quite good.
LA: [in mock relief] Thank you. It's the afterthought track. I wasn't gonna put that on [the album]... It's kind-of... the encore. It's a quizzical thing. It's gonna be in the new Julian Schnabel film a lot. It's called 'Miral'. It's a movie about four generations of female Palestinian terrorists. Really difficult... fantastic. Really brave movie... tough topic.


Topics in part three: 'Ice Ice Baby', the Secret Vatican Disco, beat poets, alternatives to Wal-Mart, 'Capitalist Realism''Baader-Meinhof Komplex' and terrorists today, Bill Ayers...

LA: A lot of underground people and a lot of radicals from the Sixties and Seventies really did have this idea of freedom and of freeing people and making [the world] a better place. This was not Bin Laden who's just a kind of a madman, really, and somebody whose ideal is not freedom. Ours is. I mean, we're from the Western side of the world, we come from the Greeks, they invented a lot of stuff and we thought those were some really great ideals, like, the individual should be free, so this place is built on [those ideals]. But you wouldn't know it now. You wouldn't recognize it now. It's scary.

... plus Lolabelle's Christmas record, and Laurie's concert for dogs in Sydney. Hint: you can get the record on request via Dogrelations' contact form!

Dec 22, 2010


Flow. Grammy. After-Valentine. Public Library. Delusion. Go. Listen. Read:

This time for real. (?) Along with photos.

Dec 21, 2010

Fenway Bergamot Sleeveface

Fenway Bergamot by Scarydan

... priceless! :) Along with Dan's personal reaction to 'Homeland'.

Dec 19, 2010

Rome Coverage

Click to the picture above for Mauro Fagiani's concert photos of Laurie Anderson's 'Delusion' in Rome, Italy, December 2010.

Plus Italian tv's reportage about Laurie Anderson's and Nina Hagen's recent performances in Rome:

Dec 16, 2010

Laurie Anderson in Garantat 100%

"I don't see any perfect way to tell a story."

"I think it would be good to have an artist-in-residence in the Supreme Court, the Congress, the White House... artists see the world differently than politicians."

"I try to be a good observer and see what's going on, and to mix that with fantasy."

"You're born with anger, too, and real rage, Shakespearean rage. A two-year-old has Shakespearean rage, they just can't express it."

"I'm not the kind of person who's going "please put me on your magazine cover because I want people to look at me". And the reason is that I'm a snob. I don't really care, actually. I came from the art world into the pop culture and I thought it was idiotic. Pop culture in America is made for ten-year-olds. Nothing against ten-year-olds, they should have their stuff. I came from another world where we thought "maybe let's make something for other people than ten[-year-olds]"."

[All quotes by Laurie Anderson, as heard in a conversation with Cătălin Ştefănescu in Romanian cultural talk show 'Garantat 100%']

Dec 13, 2010

"Forget the Message."

"If artists just had messages to deliver in a work of art, you could just write your message down, you wouldn't have to make your symphony, etc... Forget the message. It's just something that makes us go... TAAH!"
(Laurie Anderson, November 2010)

Watch the first video of Mnemosyne's own Youtube channel: it's the trailer for the Romanian cultural talk show 'Garantat 100%'. Laurie Anderson was a guest of the show during her stay in Bucharest, Romania in November 2010.

Concert Photography from Italia

Laurie Anderson in Firenze, Nov 2010
photo by Carlo Valentini

Laurie Anderson in Italy, 1988
Photo by Carlo Valentini

Hint: click to any of the photos for more Laurie Anderson concert portraits from Italy by photographer Carlo Valentini.

Dec 12, 2010

That's It!

By clicking to the picture below, watch a reportage of I in U, Laurie Anderson's retrospective exhibition, and her latest version of 'Duets on Ice' in São Paulo, Brazil...

...and get lost in the beauty of visuals and sounds. Video by Raphael Lupo and Adolfo Borges.

Three Quotes...

"The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) is a nonprofit US based organization founded in 1984 which aims to promote electro-acoustic music."

"The SEAMUS Lifetime Achievement Award acknowledges the important contributions of its recipients to the field of electro-acoustic music."

"We are pleased to announce that Laurie Anderson is the recipient of the 2011 SEAMUS Achievement Award. We look forward to welcoming her and all conference attendees to Miami soon!"
(The official site of the 26th Annual SEAMUS National Conference)

Möte med Laurie Anderson

"I'm thinking of shows like Oprah. They approach everything like something's wrong with you... Nothing's wrong with you. You're a human being [with] some things to figure out. [...] Fix yourself."
(Laurie Anderson, 2010) 

Click to the picture to (re-)watch Laurie Anderson talking about screaming and personality design, reaching out for help and oprahfication on the sofa of the set of 'Delusion' in Uppsala, Sweden, April 2010.

Dec 7, 2010

But It All Looks the Same.

"Look at all the things I've bought
I can't believe what they cost
Just a lot of plastic and numbers on my credit card"

iPhone-a-string @ Stanford
May 2010

Photo source: Flickr / livelyarts
Lyrics excerpts from 'Dark Angel' by Laurie Anderson

Dec 5, 2010

Now This Is What I Call Blind Luck.

Laurie Anderson at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland,
November 2010
photo source: ASP Katowice

(Hint: click to the picture for more photos.)

UPDATE: it's so digital... on-again, off-again

Endless, Colourful, Oppressive Dreams

Watch the third video from Estoril (this one's got a really great quality); Laurie Anderson talking about 21 years of sleeping, dreaming, Carl Jung, the power of words and the making process of the drawing dream diary 'Night Life'.

Dec 2, 2010

From Rome with Luv

(Auditorium Parco Della Musica in Rome, Italy, December 2010)

Grammy Flashback from 1984

While browsing the Grammy website for any mention of Laurie Anderson's nomination for Grammy 2011 (no success yet, by the way), I bumped into the following eye candy from 1984: along with Ray Davies, Laurie was the announcer for Best New Artist - the winner was Cyndi Lauper.

Grammy Nomination 2011

Nominees for Grammy 2011, Best Pop Instrumental Performance:

  • "Flow" by Laurie Anderson ('Homeland', 2010)
  • "Nessun Dorma" by Jeff Beck
  • "No Mystery" by Stanley Clarke
  • "Orchestral Intro" by Gorillaz
  • "Sleepwalk" by The Brian Setzer Orchestra


Dec 1, 2010

Intervista Laurie Anderson

"When economics goes down, art gets better. Because people improvise. [...] People will not stop making art, no way. They will make it in a different way. And it can be then exciting. [...] It will never disappear."
(Laurie Anderson on RAI TV, November 2010)

Click to the picture to watch a recent web exclusive interview with Laurie Anderson made for RAI TV in Firenze, Italy.

(Some tags for the impatient: Miracle in Milan. Balzac. Political-personal-mental delusion. Motivations. Politics = stories = acts of imagination. Invasion of words / language / music. Crying. Tyranny of the rectangle. The importance of teaching. Economics and art. Capitalist Realism. Inspiration from Lolabelle. Lolabelle's Christmas record. 1,000 chicken waiting for being named. Cows with open stomachs. "Children" with problems.)