Dec 28, 2010

Double Treat

"The time in 'Flow' is very odd - instead of bars, you'll wait seven beats until the next phrase and it's kind of, "Woah, what time signature is that in." It's in the time signature of regret or something, sort of flowing."
(Laurie Anderson on her Grammy-nominated violin piece 'Flow')

1. Listen to Mike Ragogna's interview with Laurie Anderson, recorded from KRUU-FM (broadcasting from Fairfield, Iowa):

  • part one (audio length: 13 mins 57 secs, file size: 19.2 MB)

  • part two (audio length: 14 mins 21 secs, file size: 19.7 MB)

[note: songs edited out]

2. Read the transcript in the Huffington Post.