Sep 19, 2010

College of Musical Knowledge, 1984

Listen to an interview from 1984 with an oh-so-young-and-soft-voiced Laurie Anderson, preserved in Alfred Sneider's archive, as part of his radio series called 'College of Musical Knowledge' on WRUV-FM Radio Burlington, Vermont.

Here is the interview in one long part in its original place:

... or chopped, enhanced and edited into more 'edible' parts here, on Files on a String:

  • WRUV interview (1984) - part two (audio length: 4 mins 12 secs, file size: 5.79 MB)
     - being a storyteller / conversational talking as real improvisation / mistakes and their use, e. g. in 'Langue d'amour'

  • WRUV interview (1984) - part six (audio length: 4 mins 36 secs, file size: 6.33 MB)
     - the digital equivalent of the tape-bow violin (United States Tour!) / the colour white