Sep 23, 2010

"Curious Tales and Observations" - the 'Delusion' Review List

Reviews of 'Delusion' at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, NYC (might add more later as they appear):

  • Look Who's Talking - semi-impressed Elisabeth Vincentelli pronouncing 'Delusion' as the mark of "the evolution of Anderson from high-tech musician to high-tech spoken-word artist". Here is another shorter reaction from Elisabeth Vincentelli, calling the performance "a tedious theatrical event" but complimenting on Laurie Anderson being "amazingly ageless".

  • Laurie Anderson's Delusion Continues @ BAM - ardent words by Andrew Frisicano, emphasizing Laurie Anderson's "sonorous voice, and her ability as a monologuist to travel to different places (the moon, Iceland, dreams)". Along with photos by Rahav Segev - like this one:

"In this dream, I'm in a hospital bed"

  • Laurie Anderson's Beautiful Delusion - Judy Berman pondering over the performance that is "more than anything, a meditation on mortality", declaring the show "personal" and "accessible". More photos by Rahav Segev under the article

  • Theater Review: 'Delusion' - Judd Hollander on "sensations [that] allow everyone in the audience to connect with the production on their own personal level"

  • Laurie Anderson Dreams on - VillageVoice author Jacob Gallagher-Ross raving about "the kaleidoscopic projections, the virtuoso musicianship, and Anderson’s koan-like writing"

  • Patrizia Mazzuoccolo (A biatch in the Northern Skywelcomed her "break from the testo-fuelled heavy metal gigs" she usually attends