Sep 10, 2010

Just hit slash slash dotcom... - Part Three

This is the last third of the list of URL-s from Laurie Anderson's Nerve Bible Tour in 1995, originally typed in by Alan Lasky, updated by Mnemosyne in 2010.

25. Some Things Are Just Pictures Never Change, Part Two
Working and fine in 2010, this website has been intact since, hm, 1997?

26. Wish You Were Here
  • -- An html guide ( )
  • Honolulu Community College Movies
This is what Honolulu Community College's startpage used to look like back in 1999.

27. "Comics for the hardcore geek"
  • -- Stafford Huyler's NetBoy )
Supposedly one of the very first webcomics, NetBoy has been online since 1994. NetBoy is a stick figure and, according to Wikipedia, an "Internet innocent with his greatest joy in life being fast .GIFs".

28. The World Where Magic Returned to
  • -- ShadowRun on the World Wide Web
Embarrassing or not, Mnemosyne needed to look up ShadowRun in Wikipedia. The original website of this role-playing game is no longer available even in Teh Internet Archive. Here is the current official ShadowRun website (as of 2010).

29. Fine Art Forum at MSU
  • Fine Art Forum Home Page
The current website of Fine Art Forum at Mississippi State University can be found here in 2010.

30. Mother of Interactive Web Browsers
  • An index of Mosaic sites
One of the very first graphical web browsers, Mosaic used to rule the Internet world between 1993 and 1997. This ancestor of numerous notable characteristics of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox was developed by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois.

31. Earth Observation from Above
Defense Meteorological Satellite Program "designs, builds, launches, and maintains satellites monitoring the meteorological, oceanographic, and solar-terrestrial physics environments". Under the "Items of Interest" menu, you can see, for example, imagery of a lunar eclipse from satellite altitude, or a 'night map' of power outages caused by Hurricane Katrina, and many more.

32. World-Class Online Experience of...?
Err, Chuck Norris campaigning for US citizens' participation in the next elections, so as they elect legislators who support gun license? Did the creators of the advertisement forget that it's the guns that need a license to get held by Chuck Norris and not the opposite?

33. Where Discoveries Begin
National Science Foundation is "a United States government agency that supports fundamental research and education in all the non-medical fields of science and engineering". (source: Wikipedia)

34. An Alternative Way of Searching
  • -- ArchiePlexForm ( )
  • -- Newsgroups available onthe WWW
Unfortunately none of the URL-s above work anymore. According to this website, "Archie is a tool used to search FTP sites for particular software or filenames that will also search for keywords within filenames. Archie indexes millions of files from FTP sites worldwide".

35. Networked Resources on Art and Architecture
ArtSource is an exquisite selection of all kinds of resources on art and architecture: exhibitions, image collections, museums, libraries, and many, many more.

36. The First Home
  • --VOYAGER Home Page ( )
Last, but not least, the website which used to be the incubator of Laurie Anderson's first home page and last interactive online experiment, the Green Room (slightly working within Teh Internet Archive, unfortunately). They also featured the Puppet Motel CD-ROM on their website (the page has been luckily preserved for posterity).