Sep 14, 2010

A Review Candy

... a short but brilliant one: Greil Marcus featuring his review of 'Homeland' at the first place in his monthly column Real Life Rock Top Ten in the September 2010 issue of The Believer Magazine. The review focuses especially on an "unexpected pop song" ('Only an Expert') and the "soft-spoken jeremiad" called 'Another Day in America'.

(The only thing Mnemosyne begs to differ with Greil Marcus' article is that, in her humble opinion, 'The Ugly One...' Laurie Anderson's voice is one big raised eyebrow: just think of the pinpoint portrait of 'The Salesman' or her adventures in Israel and at various airport security checkpoints around Europe during the Gulf War in 'The Cultural Ambassador' - just to mention only the pieces that featured the Voice of Authority. However, all in all, she thinks it's pretty pointless to highlight any particular track of the album.)