Sep 10, 2010

Just hit slash slash dotcom... - Part Two

Here is the second third of the URL list that was featured on the Nerve Bible Tour's T-shirt in 1995, preserved for posterity by Alan Lasky, updated by Mnemosyne in 2010.

13. Emerging Gigabits
  • -- Telecommunications page ( )
This is the archived start page of the Advanced Telecommunications Program (ATP).

14. Very Human...
  • -- The Internet with a Human Face
I had no luck with this URL, all I could find was a telling description of the website on "billing itself both as the Internet with Attitude and the Internet with a Human Face, this site is primarily promo pages for the print magazine. There is a brief synopsis of each of their issues, along with one article from each. Lots of info about ordering various things is available, however. The schitzophrenia of their Internet mission is reflected by their refusal to replicate their content online. Some people are still desparately clinging to copyright, or something, I guess."

15. Scientific Visualization Going Online
  • XMorphia
Hail to Teh Internet Archive: the website on the Morphogenesis from a Reaction-Diffusion System is available again, along with the links to images and videos that demonstrate the process of morphogenesis.

16. The World's Most Exciting Electronic Exposition
The "World's most exciting electronic exposition" is still can be visited for free on the link provided by Alan Lasky. In fact it is an extensive information source on topics like the Vatican Library, hitherto highly secret internal documents from the Soviet Communist era, the conquest of America, the Dead See scrolls, paleontology and the palace of Diocletian at Split (Croatia).

17. Stories As You Like Them
  • -- How to write "tree fiction"
 The Wayback Machine takes us back into 1994: an essay on "tree literature" by Gareth Rees. Not sure what "tree fiction" means? Perhaps this one will ring a bell: Wikipedia's entry on Gamebooks.

18. "The Truth IS out There!"
  • -- The Right Side of the Web ( )
I managed to dig out the original website with the help of the Wayback Machine: Conservative Site of the Year 1996.

19. Oliver A. McBryan's Navigational Aid
  • -- The World Wide Web Worm ( )
Best Navigational Aid of the Year 1994, "serving 3,000,000 URL's to 2,000,000 folks/month".

20. CTR at CU
  • WWW Home Page at the CTR
Website for the Center for Telecommunications Research at Columbia University, as Teh Internet Archive preserved it from 1997.

21. Some Things Never Change
 Wow, the same URL is in use since 1995!

22. When Live Multimedia Was the Future of the Internet
  • -- MBONE Information Web ( )
"Short for Multicast Backbone on the Internet, MBone is an extension to the Internet to support IP multicasting -- two-way transmission of data between multiple sites." Mbone was an experiment starting in the early 1990s "to upgrade the Internet to handle live multimedia messages".

23. "A Rapidly Growing Company with Many Challenging Full-Time Positions Opening Every Week". Serious!
  • -- MPEG Technical Info
According to the archived original website from 1997, Enterprise Integration Technologies (EIT) "develops and markets software products and services that enable e-commerce on the Internet". Their information page on MPEG is unfortunately no longer available, not even in teh Internet Archive.

24. Electric Press, RIP
  • -- Overview of Electric Press, Inc. ( )
 According to the Free Online Library, Electric Press, Inc. used to be "the premier provider of World Wide Web services" as of 1995. No further clues-- Alan Lasky's URL links to a Dutch company selling cleaning systems.

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