Jul 10, 2010

Ron Bennington's interview

Radio personality and stand-up comedian Ron Bennington interviewed Laurie Anderson in the SiriusXM Studio, NYC.

(total playing time: 67 mins 53 secs)

Some of the topics:
  • writing and recording 'Homeland', all the difficulties
  • political aspects of Laurie's oeuvre
  • 'Delusion', cousin of 'Homeland'
  • groundlessness and memory
  • 'Another Day in America': a manifesto about time and the way it passes
  • having an alter-ego
  • the hypnotic effect of Laurie's music
  • answers that should be looked for in yourself
  • concert for dogs in Sydney
  • inventing
  • retrospective exhibition in Brazil
  • being a multimedia artist

UPDATE: it seems the radio miscalculated the target audience a bit... (caution: moron alert)