Jul 26, 2010

Come here. Watch it glitter.

Click to the picture to learn about 10 of Laurie Anderson's favourite things - a splendid little multimedia portrait in FLYP Magazine from 2009:


  1. Canon EOS 5D - making "story films" with a budget* camera
  2. Planetariums - projecting film on the dome of a planetarium in Austin, Texas
  3. Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center - performance space in Troy, N.Y.
  4. Eccentric Blogs - reading Unnecessary Quotes and Cats that Look Like Hitler
  5. Lunch with the Ladies - Saturday meals with a rotating group of women
  6. Imaginary Operas - creating an opera that could never be staged
  7. Mingyur Rinpoche - learning about Tibetan Buddhism from her teacher
  8. Sound Gardens - designing and building garden spaces that speak
  9. Thinking about Texas
  10. Urban Cycling - Riding around NYC on a Dutch-style bicycle


(Hint: make sure your speakers are on.)

* huh?