Jul 13, 2010

Echoes interview

I managed to record the latest Echoes interview with Laurie Anderson this morning (thanks to WNIJ Radio's online stream). The interview was made during a visit to Laurie's home studio where she was working on her new project called 'Park for Singing Trees' which is going to be an installation in Basel, Switzerland.

Topics range from Fenway Bergamot's earlier incarnations, through paranoia, grandmothers and fathers to Homeland's parallelism with the Big Science track 'From the Air' (pinpoint nukes, ready to fight, dressed to kill, sure we're right ~ we're going down, we're all going down together)

(playing time: 9 mins 48 secs (they played 'Bodies in Motion' after the interview but I edited it out), file size: 13 MB)

(Laurie Anderson in her studio, 2010, source: Echoes)