Jul 8, 2010

Meet Marketing Expert Mr. Fenway Bergamot

Mr. Fenway Bergamot put on his best moustache and went to the European headquarter of Nonesuch, Laurie Anderson's record company to try to take control over Laurie's ad campaign by sharing his own marketing ideas with the publicity manager:

Since it's him who graces the cover of the Homeland album, it does not need Laurie Anderson's name on it.

Having been inside Laurie's head for such a long time, he deserves to get space on the poster of 'Delusion'.

He isn't contented with the title of Laurie's live show either.

At the record store, his vinyl should be in the center of the Laurie Anderson shelf.

... meaning: all over the place.

While he also admits he's aiming for a gold, he coyly inquires if the record company has made more than 10 copies of his vinyl... in fact, there were 1,000 copies of 'Only an Expert' made all in all, and according to the publicity manager, all of them were sold.

One of the highlights of the video is the following conversation:

Fenway [referring to the vinyl]: Nobody has any record players anymore. Will anyone play that?
Publicity Manager: No, but that doesn't matter, does it.

Hilariously cynical contemporary surrealism, just Mnemosyne's favourite type of humour. :)

Oh, almost forgot: the video is featured on Fenway Bergamot's Facebook profile.