Aug 19, 2010

World Café, NPR

Laurie Anderson's appearance on National Public Radio's World Café on the 19th of August, 2010 is now available in the online archive of NPR. Instead of my speculation, the show turned out to be a 14-minute-long interview and an updated, one-woman version of 'Only an Expert', plus a new variant of 'Mambo and Bling' as web extra. All of them can be listened to

A quick extract of the subjects: 'Homeland' in its early stages (when it still was "a very loosely titled project"), nomads, Berlin vs. Tallahassee, Gemütlichkeit, 'Another Day in America' ("the bridge in the middle of the record"), mental drift, politics vs. poetry, how the hobby of engineering 'Homeland' became a horror for Laurie, pulling the alter ego out of the box, parents, etc.