Aug 4, 2010

'Talking Animals' on WMNF Radio

Now in this show there are a lot of stories about talking animals; and about people who try to communicate with them.

Talking Animals' guest was Laurie Anderson via telephone on WMNF Radio today. They talked about - of course - Lolabelle, her illness and the music therapy, the dog concert in Sydney, singing trees in Basel (the installation is going to open soon and will be available for three years), music about fish for blind people, 'Only an Expert' and this year's Mermaid Parade on Coney Island where Laurie was Queen Mermaid, Lou Reed was King Neptune and Lolabelle was the Royal Mer-Dog.

The programme is probably going to be available to download later from the show's website but till then, here it is:

  • introduction (audio length: 0 mins 38 secs, file size: 0.9 MB)

  • part 01 (audio length: 4 mins 16 secs, file size: 5.86 MB)

  • part 02 (audio length: 7 mins 22 secs, file size: 10.1 MB)

  • part 03 (audio length: 8 mins 19 secs, file size: 11.4 MB)