Aug 27, 2010

Meanwhile, in Mrs. Lincoln's Head...

I was nearing the end of my journey.
You're alright now.
There's nothing there.
There's nothing the matter.
There's nothing the matter with his face.
Come with me
in a back country road.

Someone just changed their mind.
Please, never a kiss.
Still living, yeah.
That's it.
I was just leaving.
Have a complicated smile.
One small one.

It was an accident.
Take it or leave it -
Let me out of this.
Watch this.
I told you we could make a good team.

Have I left out anything important?
I'm in a bad way, I'm havin' a relapse.
I'll have another gimlet.

OK. The beach.

Who are you?
You had better speak.
Close the door.

Some suggested pictures danced the night away.

We're late. I didn't hear you.
Just a minute. Think of it.

Hey, killer. Just leave me alone.
My ambition, my emotion must not be mine.
Woof! Woof!
- OK. Of course.
Argh. Arrgghh!

It reminds me of the time when we had that terrible experience.

Yes, stranger.
Hardly perfect.
How come I have bruises?
Children grow up too fast.
You are doing fine.
Reverse, well, well,
I'm cutting out.
Wait a second.
Good night.

I need more time.
- Forget it.
That's the trouble.
Steady - sea - spire - sheets - of - ice.

What about the button?
Which island is it?
I hear a sound.
It must have been a terrible war.
Oh boy... what's that, please?
Do you know what I think?
I hear a sound.
Nothing's wrong.
I'm not mad. Let's put it this way -
Go ahead. Stop running,

I've got it.
Go ahead. I'm nervous - I'm not nervous,
Will you cooperate? Open the door.
I am a volunteer.

How can you say everybody thinks it's my fault?
Do you want to know the real cause?
Let me alone.
Well, wait.

It must have been a terrible war.

Oh boy. Please, please.
We're ruined.
You can't stop anything.

I'm not mad.
Understand, anyway, anyway, anyway
Tell me one thing.
Just change the subject.
Something is going on.

Well, this is the backdoor bell,
Actually, anyway,
I hear a sound.

Go ahead and say something nasty.
I can take it.
Wonderful. Go ahead.
Finish the piece.
Let the murderers begin.

It's a very quiet thing.
Well, it's good to see your things moving again.

There is the bell.
Who is it? Well, that would be nice
Well, that would be fun.
Honestly, please, be patient with me.
Sure, I have the rest of my life.
Good luck, Jim.
You said that there was a quick way out
Yes, Mister Miller,
What is that turn-off sound really?
After all, you've never served officially in a war.
Except one.

I suppose this place really is nice. Do you like it?
I deal with the past now.
Look dead. Would you? Never mind. Please, don't rush.
Snap it up.
I said it might be a mistake.

What was she like? Don't worry about the past... dream.

I was...
There are some things I just will not eat.
Yeah, I'm going away.
Who's to say the eyes are honest?
Don't misunderstand me. I am happy.
Well, I suppose I might just free.
It's good to see here today.
Well, maybe... Don't touch me.
Murder is on his mind, no. No,
I can't
- that's better.
There's no one by my side.
I got caught up by the moon singing.
Well, I'm speechless.

Well, what are laughing at the pain in my left shoulder hunk?
I should be dead.

OK, group.
I need to be alone.
Look, it's human nature.
I'm fine, thank you.
That sounds like a warning.
I'm not nervous.

I am just
        to death.

This time
    for real

What about the button?
- You are slowing down.

What else do you remember? Try to remember.
There must be something else.
It must have been a terrible war.

Don't lose it.
Every day is wonderful when I'm with you.
Don't go away.

It's over

(Laurie Anderson as Mrs. Lincoln in
The Civil Wars: A Tree Is Best Measured When It Is Down, Act V - The Rome Section.
Music by Philip Glass, lyrics by Robert Wilson)

(any help would be deeply appreciated)