Oct 3, 2010

A True Renaissance Woman

It's about starting time of the last performance of 'Delusion' at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (yes, it's going to be a matinee).


In times like this, Mnemosyne tends to doubt that she was born in the right continent but as those moments of imprudence fade away, others come, connected to certain mountains and ancient Arab prophets... (nevertheless, the picture is not as clear as it could be, since in this story both the 'prophet' and the 'mountain' move - but it's just life's imperfection. And stories are fun either way!)


In the meantime, here's Tim Needles' interview with Laurie Anderson; made on the occasion of the New York premiere of 'Delusion'. Without going into details, Mnemosyne gives you some keywords in advance, like Laurie's new (unwritten) book, Jung's Red Bookold and rotting leaves, group personality - and let's not forget about Spalding Gray.