Oct 3, 2010

At the Shrink's

Timeiswide, major contributor of Laurie Anderson-related goodness on dimeadozen, was kind enough to allow Mnemosyne to feature a previously 'unpublished' piece here, among Files on a String: an excerpt from a previous big touring retrospective, entitled The Record of the TimeSound in the Work of Laurie Anderson. This recording was made in Düsseldorf, Germany, in 2003. The story can be read in Stories from the Nerve Bible: a Twenty-Year Retrospective (page 84 - thanks, Timeiswide), it basically deals with the insolubly different perspectives every human individual has.

FYI: It's worth comparing this version with the original which was made 26 (or 28) years earlier and an excerpt of it can be found in the Catalogue of Netherlands Media Art Institute.