Jun 30, 2010

The Spirit of Motion

A couple years ago, Lolabelle, Laurie Anderson's rat terrier contracted an aggressive form of cancer and during the medical therapy she went blind. She has overcome the illness but her pep was gone. Her worried family finally found a trainer for her who taught her to play the piano ( = tap the keys with her paws and get treats for it) and this kind of mental and physical stimulation brought her vigor back.

Recently Lolabelle herself has made a few public appearances: her keyboard playing was an attraction at the 'Homeland' release party, and, besides her majestic 'parents', Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed, she was the third royal person (the Royal Mer-Dog) reigning over the annual Mermaid Parade at Coney Island.

Poor little Lolabelle, though, looks kind-of resigned / disoriented / a little bit fat (right, she has overcome a serious illness and she might constantly get those treats) in some recent photos. I do hope she feels better than she looks like. I'm sure her loving family is 100% there for her. Laurie has just recently said something like Lolabelle was working on a 'Christmas record'-- sounds promising, right? :)

(original photo here)

But what I really wanted to say is that I honestly think 'Bodies in Motion' is actually a song written for/about Lolabelle, and featuring her 'playing' the piano on that very track of 'Homeland' is more than accidental.

Laurie has occasionally told about the personality of her dog-- being a rat terrier, she loves agility training, her main motivation is simply to have fun in life. Laurie has also mentioned something like this as her own life goal, too.

So, here they are, just like twin stars, furthermore: two fellow goddesses out of some ancient Greek myth who may have total command over the world, even over other worlds, too, they can get anywhere they want to, they could see into the future, they could create a religion but all they care about is to have as much fun as possible. (Even if the weight of the world lies heavy on her shoulder-- see the Atlas --> Greek mythology reference, right?)

And to move is to have fun. Moreover: to move together is to have even more fun. To move eternally: a thing only godlike creatures are able to do. So, these two gorgeous souls unite in constant synchronic motion and love and devotion-- a couple with enviable affection towards each other.

I do hope that the world will find delight in the heartwarming sight of this for a long time to come. Or, perhaps, they are going to be there eternally. They'll grace us only when they are in the mood. Blissful souls are entitled to do so. And they most likely are of that species.