Jun 27, 2010

NPR interview

Tidbits of Info You Could Not Make It Through the Day Without:
  1. Since the lyrics for 'Only an Expert', Laurie Anderson's raging song on exaggerated expertism are easily updatable, she's going to do so in the next weeks, adding a verse about BP and the petroleum solution to the song in her live performances.

  2. Lolabelle, Laurie's musically gifted rat terrier is working on her Xmas record.

  3. Laurie Anderson does not have any answers. (!)

Listen to National Public Radio's interview with Laurie Anderson by Scott Simon.

And don't forget the Q&A session containing questions from Facebook and Twitter users towards Laurie (I can't link to it directly from here, it's on the left side of the article, under the photo). One of them could deserve the Mister Heartbreak Award of the Day and it goes like this:

"I'd like to know if she's aware the distinct musical rhythm of her heart."