Mar 13, 2011

Witness the Darkness. (Literally, It's Removed)


Do not hold your breaths any longer: it's here at last, in its entirety! After a deliverance of more than two weeks, now you can watch a complete video recording of 'The Speed of Darkness', a live performance by Laurie Anderson from 1997, uploaded by LukeK79 (whose other Andersonite uploads are also highly recommended).

'The Speed of Darkness' features stories about, amongst others, 


The musical parts contain elements from 'Bright Red', the 'Nerve Bible' performances as well as the then-subsequent 'Moby Dick' / 'Life on a String'.


  1. Intro / World Without End
  2. Alexander the Great / Hey Ah Hey / Music and Sand / Cybersex
  3. Technology / Content Providers / Hotel Hot Dogs
  4. Hunting for Information / The Night Flight from Houston
  5. To the Moon / You've Got to Have Leaders
  6. Rockefeller Center / Theme Park with Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno
  7. Therapies / Can You Hear Me? / Someone Else's Dream / Microsoft and Vatican
  8. Interspecies Communications / Michael Jackson / Elvis Séance / Video Conference
  9. Video Conference (cont'd) / Work Ethic and Control Rooms
  10. The Language of the Future (as the Voice of Authority)
  11. Muddy River / Pillow Speaker Song