Feb 7, 2011

"What War Was That?"

"There were those who knew only the sound of their own voices.
There were those who knew the rules.
There were those who freed their bodies.
There were those who couldn't take it.
There were others on their own.
Who was it?
Who was it?"
(excerpt from Laurie Anderson's contribution to
Colin Stetson's new album)

LA: "He's a colossal player. [...] He's a really amazing player."

LR: "He is really astonishing - but honestly - how he can play for more than twenty minutes..."

LA: "... Without dying, yeah..."

LR: "... Without being killed. I mean, the horn is bigger than he is. And he's doing circular breathing."

(Laurie Anderson's and Lou Reed's appreciative words on Colin Stetson
- as heard on the radio)